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A Glimpse of How Executive Search Firms Go About Selecting Their Candidates

Do you sometimes contemplate how executive recruitment agencies, headhunters and even human resource managers go about selecting candidates to fulfill a certain job?

Locating capable workers to take on a certain task is simple. Finding a great candidate capable of completing that task at a high standard is much more difficult. More often that not, this is the dilemma that human resources face on a daily basis when searching for suitable candidates.

If for example, the senior executive of your company is about to retire and no capable, or suitable successor is in-line to fulfill the position adequately, what will often happen is the other high-ranking individuals in the company with look outside their company, posting an opening. The hiring process would then be handled internally, among themselves.

The issue with this method lies within the fact that during a traditional hiring process, you are unable to truly expand your network to its full potential in your search for highly skilled individuals that are so crucial to fill the position at your business.

This is where the help of executive recruitment agencies come in. Basically, they simply use their extensively vast  network and expertise to go perform a unique recruitment process to find the pool of talent that their clients need.

Naturally, the end result should be to present one or two suitable candidates to their client company – who they know will not just get the job done – but get it done in an efficient manner.

How Executive Recruitment Agencies Go About Performing the Selection Process

Now that you have an idea about the importance of the role played by executive recruitment agencies in filling out key positions in the company, how exactly do they go through the selection process? How will they determine if a particular applicant is the right candidate?

The way that executive recruitment agencies go through the selection process is by going through a series of steps which may include the following:

1. Gather a recruitment database which lists a pool of talent to fill out executive job positions.

This is the advantage of using a retained search firm which specializes in executive hiring as opposed to undergoing the traditional hiring process. Typically, an executive recruitment agency already has a database which includes a pool of talent whom they can consider to fill out executive job positions.

By using such a sophisticated network, the client company can rest assured that the proper connections will be used by the recruitment agency so that the absolute best person for the job can be selected.

2. You may ask, “Where do you see yourself ten years from now?” They ask, “Can you do the work?”

Again, the executive recruitment process all boils down to doing away with the traditional hiring process. Instead of asking a job applicant where he sees his career going in the future, executive recruiters get right down to business and ask candidates whether they can do the work or not.

It may seem as if these executive recruitment steps are so remedial and few, but the impact that they have is astounding. So no matter which type of middle management or upper management position it is that your company needs to have filled out, hiring an executive recruitment agency is probably the best business move that you can make.

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