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Search Firms Know the Best Recruiting Techniques

employment-history1In World War II, there was a need for Assessment Centers to identify those people among fresh recruits who were capable of handling critical jobs and heavy responsibilities. In today’s scenario, similar recruiting techniques are used by search firms to identify the best candidates for their clients’ requirements. Just as finding the right people to lead men into war is not a question of gut feeling or instinct, finding the right candidate for the right job also requires more than first impressions. Executive search firms are aware of this, which is why they develop, research and employ the best recruiting techniques to find the right candidate for your company.

Industry Mapping
This is a very popular recruiting technique used by search firm to map companies within your industry. What they look for is a talkative receptionist and they usually find one in ever company. They pretend to be conducting a survey within your industry either on behalf of a non-profit organization or a periodical or even a division of the government. They will then try and find out how many total employees work in the organization, how many people are employed in specific teams, who are the teams headed by, etc. This is the basic foundation for finding the right candidates for you.

Identifying the Best Candidates
Recruiting agencies need the name of any one person from the department you are interested in, in a competitor’s company. This is easily done through references and contacts they have within the industry itself. In other cases, a similar ruse as the previous one can be employed to find out the name and contact details of one person. This person is then contacted by the executive headhunters and offered a lucrative job. In return, they are able to glean all the information they need about the best talents in that department.

Approaching the Candidates
There are number of recruiting techniques employed to approach the candidate that seems perfect for your requirement. In some cases, they may ask an industry contact to refer them to the candidate in order to build credibility. In some cases, they may directly approach the candidate with a fictitious job opening just to get to know the candidate and how open he is to consider a job opportunity. They then wait for the perfect opportunity to spring your job opening on them in a way that they are more inclined to consider it.

Other Recruiting Techniques
There are many other recruiting techniques employed by recruiting agencies to find the right candidate for you. It is not a new technique to arrange a chance meeting with prospective candidates in a social setting. This allows them to approach the candidate without making him wary of such an interaction. The candidate is also more open to such a discussion about his work environment if he does not suspect an ulterior motive. The recruitment process can then be initiated by another staff member of the firm after the candidate’s interest has been established.

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