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Using a Headhunter to Find Your Company’s Board of Directors?

boardroomA lot of new entrepreneurs dislike the idea of having a board of directors. They feel it is akin to handing over their powers to a group of people who may or may not share their vision. They also fear losing control over their own business and feel threatened by a board of directors in their company. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ask any recruiting agency that specializes in hiring board of directors (a director recruiting agency) and they will enumerate many advantages of having a board of directors.

Advantages of a Board of Directors

A recruiting agency will affirm that boards of directors, in fact, have no say in the day to day governance of the company. They are mostly concerned with the long term aspirations of the company and are interested in keeping the company on the right track to meet those goals. Think of your board of directors as a panel of experts that can guide you in areas that you may not have expertise in like investment options, etc. You can then focus entirely on managing the performance of your business. If you select your board of directors wisely, you will reap immense benefits from their experience, expertise and knowledge.

Looking for Financing?
If you are a startup venture looking for a financing, a solid board of directors will be of immense value to you, as any recruiting agency will confirm. “Having independent directors on a company is generally considered beneficial to prospective investors,” says Ft. Lauderdale attorney Greg Balder. “Independent directors can oversee auditing and can be beneficial in preventing management abuse and corporate fraud.” Hence, if you have a solid board of directors backing your company, you should find it easier to raise funds for your startup company.

Hiring Board of Directors
According to most recruiting consultants, hiring the right kind of people for your board of directors is one of the most crucial business decisions you are likely to make. You cannot just hire your friends and family to accumulate sufficient names on your board of directors. As any recruiting agency will tell you, what you need is an eclectic mix of people who have proven experience in different aspects of your business, product and industry. Ideally, you should be looking for people who have expertise in areas you don’t so that they can compensate for you. Don’t take director recruiting lightly – this is a very important group of people at your company.

Using Recruitment Services
One of the best ways to get a great board of directors is by ensuring that some of the top recruiting companies are involved in the process right from the start. They will not only be able to guide in what kind of people to look for, they will also be able to identify and approach the right people for you. Given the industry expertise a good recruiting agency is expected to have, it will be able to identify industry leaders in areas that you may have no knowledge about. With the help of recruiting agencies, you can get the best people in the industry as your board of directors.

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