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Top Executive Search Firms – Who’s Best?

executive-sittingSome very basic research will tell you that Korn/Ferry International and Heidrick and Struggles are two of the largest search firms in the United States. If the largest firms were simply the best firms, it would be an easy decision to choose which executive search firms you would approach for your recruitment process outsourcing. But, we know that largest does not necessarily imply the best. More importantly, it is in your interest to identify recruiting agencies that are best suited to meet your specific requirements, irrespective of whether or not they are amongst the top executive search firms in the country.

Top Executive Search Firms
Top executive search firms are not determined by their year ending balance sheets. Instead, those search firms are considered industry leaders who have the highest success ratio in making placements within their industry. What this says about a recruiting agency is that they not only fully understand the exact needs of their clients, they are also equipped to fulfill them. To do so, they not only need to have a thorough understanding of how the industry works, but they also need to have strong in-roads to the best talents in that industry.

Traits of Top Executive Search Firms
Top executive search firms are firmly entrenched in the workings of their specified industry. They know the different companies that operate within the industry and the roles of each. They are also aware of the various job roles within the industry. Most importantly, they have established methods of finding out the best talents in the market. They are not only able to identify the candidates in the industry that suit your needs, but also approach them and convince them to join you. One of the reasons that top executive search firms are as successful as they are is that they involve themselves in the entire recruitment process starting with creating the right job profile to successful negotiations with candidates on your behalf.

Identifying Top Executive Search Firms

Given the large number of recruiting agencies out there, it can be a daunting task to identify the one agency which matches your requirements perfectly. You need to find out about the modus operandi including their screening process and reporting structure. You also need to know if they operate locally or globally. You also need to have referrals and testimonials of satisfied clients to ensure that the agency has a successful track record in dealing with requirements similar to yours. And finally, you need to know the recruitment agency fees that will be applicable to each new hire to ensure that it is cost effective for you.


If you were to undertake the task of identifying top executive search firms to partner with your company, the search is likely to be more daunting that finding new recruits. Well, it doesn’t have to be. RecruitingAgencies.net offers you free and non-obligatory services in helping you find the right recruiting agency for you. With their services, you are likely to find the best recruiting firm for your needs in less than 24 hours.

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